90 Days Till 90! The Countdown Begins!

Planning underway for Andrew Young’s 90th Birthday Celebration

Atlanta, GA - The Andrew Young Foundation is launching 90 Days till 90, the countdown to Ambassador Andrew Young’s 90th birthday. The 4-day celebration will begin March 9, 2022, and will conclude March 12.

This celebration is about calling attention to a man who has lived many lives and has done so with grace, accomplishment, and leadership. Ambassador Andrew Young has chosen the theme, “Peace and Reconciliation” for his 90th birthday.

Starting on March 9, the 90 Minutes of Global Prayer for World Peace will take place. Rev. Andrew Young will deliver the keynote interdenominational sermon at First Congregational Church. The second day of the celebration will begin with the 90-minute walk for Peace and Reconciliation; a symbolic walk with the purpose of people walking and reconciling with each other and sending a message about the importance of peace and friendship. The walk will start at Centennial Park and end at the new Rodney Cook Sr. Peace Park in Vine City where the new Young statue will be unveiled.

On Friday, the exhibit “The Many Lives of Andrew Young” will open and will highlight the different eras of Ambassador Young’s incredible life and his many accomplishments. This event will take place at the Millenium Gate Museum and accompany a coffee table book published by New South Books will be revealed. In addition, this event will incorporate the National Monuments Foundation Awards dinner. Saturday will conclude with the actual 90th birthday gala which will raise funds for the future of his foundation. This dinner will give guests and sponsors the opportunity to thank Ambassador Young for his efforts in peacemaking and social change.

Ambassador Andrew Young is an impactful individual who has opened many doors for future generations. When people hear his name, they think of him as a civil rights pioneer, a living icon. From graduating from Howard University to marching alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement, Ambassador Young has created enormous strides in making efforts to ensure equality, growth, and opportunity for generations to come.

But Ambassador Young has shown today’s youth that opportunities are limitless when you focus on them. From student to preacher, to Civil Rights activist elected to Congress, being appointed Ambassador to the United Nations by President Jimmy Carter, to elected Mayor of Atlanta, and co-chair of the 1996 Olympics, Ambassador Andrew Young has pushed boundaries and has created a seat at the table for all people regardless of race.

At the recent Council for Quality Growth dinner that took place October 14, 2021, Atlanta Mayor, Kiesha Lance Bottoms said, “Our civil rights hero, Mayor, Diplomat, activist, and pastor, Ambassador Young has played a role in each of these eras. No one better embodies the four pillars of leadership: quality, responsibility, vision, and integrity better than you do, Ambassador Young. No one deserves this honor more.”

According to the planning board, this 90th birthday celebration and fundraising event is an incredibly special time for individuals to reflect and celebrate the legacy and impact of Ambassador Andrew Young and his efforts in making Atlanta, America, and the world a better place.

About the Andrew J. Young Foundation

The Andrew J. Young Foundation is a non-profit organization that encourages and promotes human rights, education, health, and leadership. The foundation reaches out to all students from Pre-K to graduate school, providing resources and scholarships for these individuals. Current President, Gaurav Kumar, is ensuring the principles Ambassador Young has begun which continues for today’s youth of America.

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